Yes, you can mix your jewelry styles

wearing a silver cross necklace & gold locket

Mixing jewelry brands and styles keeps things more interesting.
My Livin' on a Prayer necklace paired with a shiny gold locket are very
different but look so good together. My Customer snet this pic of how she
style her necklace and hand down, I approve! The gold lockert has more
of a formal dressy feel. But when worn with the artsy cross are a
darling "couple".

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Boost your outfit with this cool circle necklace

female wearing blue and silver circle necklace

Some outfits are stand alone. Some outfits require accessories.
This very pretty light blue dress looks like it was meant for
this necklace. This open silver circle is a feminine statement 
necklace. Yes, statement necklaces can be simple. 
Clean lines with style are always a smart choice. This necklace
can go from Farmers market to celebrating an evening out.

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Let colorful stone jewelry be your new adventure gear

bright color earthy gemstone jewelry on rock

There are all kinds of adventures to be had and this necklace
and bracelet are ready for it. Adventure gear doesn't always
mean hiking boots and backpacks. These pieces are designed 
for life on the go. All that rich color for start brings upbeat
energy for whatver and wherever! Easy to wear while you are
cruising around town, exploring museums or for a weekend
get-away. Earthy style gemstones packed with color are ready 
to hang out with you!

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Loose Leaf earrings are for every season of the year

gold wire leaf earrings on red leaves
While many trees loose their leaves in the Fall my earrings
won't let you down. They are happy to hang loosely from 
your precious little lobes in every season! Handcrafted in bronze
wire they also go with all your seasonal outfit colors and styles.
Wear these earrings with a Summer dress, yes. Wear these earrings 
with a Fall sweater and scarf, yes. Wear these in Winter with a 
cozy turtleneck, yes. Wear these in Spring with a pastel outfit,
yes again!

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Handcrafted Letter necklaces make for a fun birthday gift

Hammered Letter necklace and hoop earrings

Anything crafted by hand is extra special. And this Letter H necklace 
falls right into that category. Recieving a necklace gift with an
oversized first or last initial is just so cute and fun.
Letter necklaces aren't a new thing. But  usually they are
manufactured by a machine. This necklace has
all the unique signs of handcraft. If you look closely at the H 
you'll see the center bar is smooth while the sides are fully
hammered. I love that contrast. 
And you've gotta have those eternity hoops earrings with
same green crystals used in the necklace. They compliment 
and balance each other out in a playful way.
if you want a letter necklace made for yourself or for a 
gift, I'd love to make one for you. Contact me here.

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Live vibrantly with these big statement earrings!

wearing big gold disc earrings with red wine

Vibrancy is the state of being full of life and energy. Cameron exudes thats
and so do her bold earrings. She wore these on her vacation to Croatia.
Enjoying all the food, wine, architecture and culture. These big golden
showy statement earrings are vibrant in rich color and swing with a lot 
of life and a lot of energy! 

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Learn all the good things an arrowhead necklace represents

bronze arrowhead necklace hanging on a plant

Arrowheads are among the most easily recognized type of artifact
found in the world. However my arrowhead and necklace are
made in my studio.There are so many myths about about arrowheads.
Spiritually, Native American arrowheads have always been associated
with magical power, either in a literal way or in a symbolic way. Using 
them more as lucky charms. I like the sound of that.

Today arrowheads symbolize strength, bravery, protection,
defense. All of that in a necklace packs a lot of meaning.
This necklace is unisex. Everyone should be able to enjoy the
benefits of this symbol.

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A necklace that goes from short to long and everything in between


silver ringed bib necklace displayed

Thats right! This single necklace can be worn short like a choker,
all the way down long, or anywhere in the middle. Anytime I can inlcude
this feature in a design I go for it. Talk about versatile! So many 
options mean that it will work with many of your outfits.Summr,
Winter, Spring or Fall.
You don't have to worry about the neckline and your necklace
not working together. This one does! When scarf season approaches,
this necklace hangs beautifully underneath while the scarf rests around
your neck.

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A cool bracelet stack for all your black & white outfits

silver bracelet stack on arm 

In keeping with a black and white theme this silver bracelet stack 
includes a spash of black making it - just right! While it looks
like a pile of bracelets it's really just two bracelets. The Joan bracelet
has 6 rows of smooth beadball chain. But riding shot gun,
is the Ella bracelet. She has a big black gemstone that pulls it
all together. Black and silver -almost- feel like black and white 
when it comes to jewelry. 
If you have a dressy or casual black and white outfit,
this bracelet stack is happy to go either way!

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A trinity of silver necklaces for this guy

man wearing three silver necklaces
My friend Matt oozes style and personality. He always has and
I do believe always will! Matt had been wearing his beloved two
necklaces but had been wanting to add a third one to create a
trinity. Matt said he was taken with the silver all chain, toggle
clasp necklace. Nice and clean. Its called the Maya necklace.
Matt has been a regualr swimmer all of his life. Because this 
necklace is made in stainless steel he can safely swim in a pool,
the ocean, a jacuzzi and its OK! It won't tarnish or turn any
wierd colors. Perfect for an active water lover!

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